Dr. Gigi Siton, DPT

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Dr. Gigi Siton, DPT holds a doctorate in physical therapy and has over 30 years in clinical experience. She is an expert on the biokinetics of walking in high heels and the founder and CEO of the Holistic Physical Therapy Clinic in Houston, TX.  Her physical therapy style is a combination of eastern philosophy with western medicine training and sensibilities. In her holistic practice, she addresses the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. She believes that this holistic physical therapy approach is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic health program.

She has further enhanced her skills with years of training in traditional physical therapy interventions combined with additional advanced training in myofascial trigger point release, acupuncture, internal Qigong, yoga, Pilates on mat and the reformer, whole body vibration therapy, manual manipulation, visceral manipulation, kinesiotaping, TRX with sports medicine applications and in Holistic Physical Therapy.

Texas Monthly Magazine named her a Five Star Physical Therapist two years in a row, and she received a 2015 Houston Medical Award for Best Physical Therapy Clinic. Dr. Gigi is also a nutritional therapy practitioner and  the author of the forthcoming book, Your Body is a Self-Healing Machine. She hosts a monthly Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine Boot Camp at her Holistic Physical Therapy Clinic near Houston, Texas.